Calligraphy Calendar 2024


– 12 sweet calligraphies to enjoy for a whole month (except for February, which kind of cheats you out for a few days – there IS a calligraphy for February though)
– Printed on high gloss photo paper
– Limited edition of 25

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What better and more aesthetical way to start the year 2024 than with a Parisurteil Calligraphy Calendar! Well, there is of course fireworks, party, champagne and lots of hugs and kisses. Granted.
But when you wake up the next morning and want to know if you have another free day or have to work again, the calendar is there to help you!
And besides the actually merciless fact, which he also points out to you every day, namely that time is inevitably running out and you are heading for certain death each second – it also makes you look forward to each month with impatience because then, you can turn the sheet and have another sweet sweet calligraphy looking at you for a whole month!

The calendar comes in 30,5 x 20,3 cm high gloss photo paper.

It’s limited to 25 exemplars, so grab yours while it’s still available.

And if calendars are not your thing, remember that there’s Christmas ahead of us and it makes for a great gift!


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